The Company operates bleached bagasse pulp production and distribution business through EPPC which has the production capacity of approximately 100,000 tons per year. The factory is currently the only mill that can produce bleached bagasse pulp which is a byproduct from the Company’s sugar production process. EPPCO has 3 types of pulp products: dry pulp, wet pulp and packaging products from bagasse pulp (Pulp Mold)

Dry Pulp

Dry pulp is made from bagasse with a moisture content of about 10 - 12%. It weighs about 250 kilogram per bale and has a brightness of no less than 80% ISO with TAPPI dirt count of less than 10 ppm. Dry pulp is a core product of bleached bagasse pulp business.

Wet Pulp

Wet pulp is made from bagasse with moisture content of about 50. - 52.0%. It weighs about 225 kilograms per bale but has the same brightness and TAPPI dirt count as dry pulp. It can be used more easily than dry pulp in a paper manufacturing process because of its higher moisture content, which saves time in the re-boiling process. However, wet pulp has a shorter storage period than dry pulp and incurs higher transportation costs. Thus, EPPCO distributes wet pulp only to domestic customers.

Packaging products from bagasse pulp (Pulp Mold)

Pulp Mold used bagasse pulp 100% as raw material to produce different types of packaging products at EPPCO factory. The products will be bio-degradation which are Eco friendly products consistent with the demand trend for products that save the environment in both domestic market and worldwide. The products will add value to EPPCO bagasse pulp.